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Hi, I'm Matt. I really like to think. And write. And read. And play music. And listen to it. I love the aesthetics of life, and I think you're pretty cool. Ubi tuum kaput estne?
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    Every time we get a ’50s Harmony Stratotone in the shop, I think to myself, “Self, this is the one you’ll make your own.” And does it ever happen? No. Because I forget that money is a thing and I don’t have it. Poop. Feel free to take this one away from me, for sale on eBay and in-store at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar. #guitar #vintage #vintageguitars #harmony #stratotone #copper #1950s #seattle (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)


    Faience feeding cup 

    This cup was used to feed babies and infants. The decoration on the sides are the same as those on magical wands, used for the protection of the child. From left to right: the goddess Taweret, a griffin, a snake, a lion and a turtle. 

    Found in Lisht, the Memphis area, found in the west corner of the pyramid cemetery 

    Egyptian, Middle Kingdom, 12th dynasty, 1850 - 1700 BC.

    Source: Metropolitan Museum

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