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Hi, I'm Matt. I really like to think. And write. And read. And play music. And listen to it. I love the aesthetics of life, I believe that everyone should get along, and I think you're pretty cool. Ubi tuum caput estne?
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  • “ Every man is born into this world carrying two bags; one in the front with his neighbor’s faults, and one behind the back with his own faults. Hence every man is quick to judge others, yet are often blind to their own failings. ”


    Aesop’s Fables (via peashooter85)

    This was originally wrotten to encompass all humankind by calling them “man”, because women are passive and nothing more than talking uteruses, right? Well I call bullshit. Men arent “born” with this at all, men are socialised into believing their the cream of the crop, socialised into carrying their faults on their back where they cant see them. Women, are the other hand are constantly bombarded with their flaws and are their harshest critics.

    (via dividedconsciousness)

    While I agree with the poetry of that statement it should be remembered that this wasn’t what was written this is literally just a modern english translation from the original Greek, so unless we have the original Greek here we shouldn’t really rush to conclusions about what someone meant with word choice as much. Also the term “man” used to only mean “human;” the original old english term for what we would today call a man was “wer,” which is where we get “werewolf” from (man+wolf, originally werewulf I think) and woman was “wif,” which is where we get wife from, as well as woman (wif+man, over time as linguistic thingies happened it became “wo-man” which literally means “woman human,” and then soon “wer” fell out of use and some very sexist men (meaning male) started using “man” for themselves, but not for women. 

    So instead of being upset with people when they call humans “men,” shouldn’t we instead think about why we’re calling men men? Because that’s basically the same thing as saying men are “humans” and women are “female humans”—they’ve become the linguistic “other” instead of the same thing - human.

    In short: rock on.

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    I’m crying.

    LMAOOOOOOOOO the screaming in the beginning

    "mr. owl"
    "oh jesus christ"
    "please don’t give me that look"
    "please don’t fly"

    DYING omg

    That owl is 30000000% done

    every time this video graces me with its presence i feel obliged to reblog it

    never fails 




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